Sunday, January 18, 2009

Atmospheric anomaly.

The GPS seems to indicate that we are heading over a bridge. In the fog you must trust your GPS.

We went to Westham Island this morning, our first trip to the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary since October. As has been the pattern for the past week or more, we were heavily socked in by fog in the morning, which was forecasted to dissipate in the afternoon--although we all know by now that it never does.

The Parking Lot Eagle at Reifel was a rookie, slumped miserably in his snag. Gloomy weather notwithstanding, he needs to work on his regalness.

On the way back out, an adult shows how it's done. Show some uprightness, perch at the top, and glare angrily over your shoulder.

We weren't there for long, for we were on our way to Tsawwassen, but even so, interesting things were seen, to be reported on later.

Mme. GPS took us on an interesting drive through west Delta, which was terrifically foggy, and muddy. We slowed down to see faint figures next to the road, a family of Trumpeter Swans--two adults, four young--grubbing for potato tubers and pining for clear arctic skies.

Every horse we passed wore a blanket.

We went for lunch in Tsawwassen, and afterward were directed northward by the confident lady's voice (yes, the GPS), through the tunnel into Richmond, and then something strange happened:

Atmospheric anomaly.

The fog lifted. Mountains and everything! Close to home, I decided I'd wash the car, which hasn't been done since before the snow.

But once home I dawdled. It was ten minutes before I was back outside. By the time I had turned on the outside water, reconnected the hose, found the nozzle, the bucket and other car-washing paraphernalia, the fog had returned and the temperature had plummeted. My spirits sank and I slumped, like the young eagle. I could not now face the cold, sudsy water.

The car remains dirty. All that those fifteen minutes of sunshine did was make me feel guilty.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Funny thing, we were going to go to Riefel Island this morning.

We changed our mind, in case the fog had not lifted there yet. How was it? Did you see any exciting birds?


Hugh said...

I was surprised to see how many people were there. The parking lot was full. We saw nothing new, but the regular fare is always pretty good (more on that tomorrow).

Thanks for the pick. (And the previous ones).

PSYL said...

So that's what a blue sky looks like! I have already forgotten about it without seeing it for a few days now.

I thought it was funny that your first reaction to the sunshine was to wash your car. It must be really dirty.

Hope the fog lifts soon so that you can get to your car-washing.

Cicero Sings said...

As for the car wash ... you could cheat and take it through one of those automatic ones. When we come to the coast, people always know us northerners by our mud smeared cars, cars that seemingly have no license plates, so that is one of our first stops! We wouldn't want Roo B acting out because of shame!

I feel for you down in the gloom ... such a waste of blue skies ... so close and yet so far ... with only wind or rain to break the cycle. Here, glorious blue skies. I'm sorry, I'm gloating. Shame on me! We have to come down next weekend so I do hope the sun has broke through by then!