Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't drink the water.

We dropped in to see the recently-opened Olympic speed-skating oval in Richmond. It has a very nice roof, and there is an oval of ice beneath it.

That's a lot of wood. Click the pictures to get a better idea. Here's information on the construction of the building.

And from another source:

" The uniquely designed “wave panels” in the ceiling consist of a newly engineered composite wood panel made from B.C. mountain pine beetle kill wood, a timber that would otherwise be left to rot. "

"The oval is not merely the landmark venue of the Games, but also a representation of green design. As Vancouver is famous for its rainfall, much of the rainwater on the five and a half-acre roof of the building will be collected to supplement toilet flushing, while the rest will be directed into a scenic pond to be located on the east side of the facility. "

Because of this feature, signs have been installed directly above toilets in public restrooms:

Non-potable water. Do not drink.


Karen said...

OK, I guess I get to be the first to say this, but WHAT KIND OF IDIOT NEEDS A SIGN TO TELL THEM NOT TO DRINK TOILET WATER? Sorry for shouting, I feel better now.

Seabrooke said...

Soooo... besides the recycled rainwater and the beetle-kill log source, what other green initiatives does the building utilize? Solar power? Geothermal heating? Just saying you recycle rainwater doesn't seem like enough to justify calling it green design.

It also bugs me that they removed dead wood from the forest/landscape. I understand that they're trying to build sustainably, but dead wood is an important part of the ecosystem too. "Made from B.C. mountain pine beetle kill wood, a timber that would otherwise be left to rot" and provide homes and food for woodpeckers and other organisms.

All that said, it's a pretty spiffy building. I love the look of natural wood in construction. I'm impressed they brought the beams all the way over from Penticton, and didn't get hung up on a mountain corner in the highway somewhere.

Marvin said...

Thanks for the non-potable water warning.

The inside of the building certainly does look impressive.