Saturday, January 17, 2009


Most of the time, Coast Moles produce typical mole hills. But when deep snow covers the ground, their earthworm wanderings lead them to the surface.

Under snow, does the line between earth and atmosphere blur?

Relatively safe from predators, they plow around in the damp, creating gribble-marks in the turf. Perhaps it's a relief not to have to push up a hill every few feet.

And so they dig with wild abandon.


Anonymous said...

Interesting pattern in that turf.

cedrorum said...

Very interesting.

dAwN said...

i guessed i missed a few of your here i am catching up..
cool patterns on the turf...I hope those critters are warm underneath..

and love your foggy fotos!

Anonymous said...

Interesting - haven't seen that first hand but I'll keep eyes open now.

Marvin said...

Interesting. I've never noticed this, but while we do have moles we don't have deep, lingering snow.