Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Raccoon hungry.

Yesterday, before the rain.

It started raining overnight and rained heavily until about noon. Now it has stopped and the neighbourhood is gurgling, a chorus of unclogged downspouts.

At the bases of cedar hedges and other places the snow didn't pile, grass and soil are reappearing, finally. Yesterday's raccoon tracks were the first I've seen since the snow started --and I've been looking for them. He has a nightly routine, but like the rest of us has been interrupted. I don't know what or where he eats, but he must be hungry.

Will the rain not start again? Environment Canada says it will, a lot. But do they really know? Everyone's jittery. Surely more's coming. We've been short-changed before.

More rain! More rain! We're tired of walking in snow, unable to find food.

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Zhakee said...

Great track images. Hunger comes, regardless of the weather. Sometimes I wonder if hungry animals hole up for days when the weather is bad, or if they wander anyway.