Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snow-covered and no relief.

Schoolyard yesterday.

Twentieth day of snow. Some has melted, but more has fallen. School starts again tomorrow and the roads and sidewalks remain a mess. Monday, 8:30 AM-- drive-time-- could be a challenge. Overnight we are to have wind and rain and warmer temperatures. We’ve been promised a big melt several times, which never came. Perhaps this will be it.

A holiday of snow would have been more fun had we had some topography to slide around on. An inescapable reality of this silty, sandy, rivermouth island is flatness. Flat from coast to coast to coast to coast. Good for cycling, sub-par for tobogganing. We can see the mountains with their ski hills, but they’re over there, several bridges and cities to the north. Not easy to get to from here.

Yesterday I saw three kids trying to toboggan down the heap of snow at the corner of their driveway. They were giving it a good try, hanging on as if they were in for some hair-raising fun, but really, when the front of the sled is at the bottom of the hill before the back leaves the top, it isn’t the complete experience.

Weather frog is threatening to resign.


swamp4me said...

Twenty days of snow!?! I would freak out. How much snow do you normally get in a year there?

Hugh said...

Well, it hasn't snowed all 20 of those days, but we have been smothered by snow for that long. Normally it snows a few times each winter, usually followed by heavy rain that washes it away. This year has had an unprecedented combination of continual cold and series of snowfalls--kind of like winter in most of Canada.

Marvin said...

Yup, that's enough snow to make any self-respecting weather frog want to migrate.

I likE plants! said...

You can always move down here it's 9:15 a.m. and a balmy 74f degrees!!!


Hugh said...


Yes, and things for weather frog have gotten even worse!

I like plants!,

How wonderful. 74F is a perfect temperature for shovelling snow.