Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Birding, circumstances allowing.

Today was sunny and relatively warm (11 C). The sun is finally doing something besides showing how dirty the windows are. I took a quick trip to the park to see how its inhabitants were dealing with this welcome weather.

The birds were noisy; a Winter Wren was in full song. Squeaky the Anna's Hummingbird was doing territorial dives, and American Robins were clucking in the birches and hollies.

There were a lot of robins. They were trying to get me to declare them harbingers of spring (Oh look! A Robin! Spring is here!), but of course they've been here all winter.


Nicely posed.

Peregrine. (You'll have to trust me. The camera was attached to the tripod, and, well, those birds are fast.)

A flock of pigeons shot past, looking terrorized--something was up. It was indeed, a Peregrine overhead. It continued on its way as the pigeons landed on a roof and pretended not to be rattled.

It would have been nice to stay longer, but elementary school dismissal times rule my life. Funny how birding is--you can stand there with nothing happening, and then, suddenly all sorts of things start happening. Things just started happening, and then...that sound in the distance. Westminster Chimes. Gotta run.

Squeaky today.


PSYL said...

Nice shot of Squeaky.

What kind of telezoom lens do you have on your XTi? (not that I don't believe you it's a Peregrine).

At least elementary school dismissal times are later than kindergarten's. Wait until high school, then you will never have to worry about them kids anymore.

Hugh said...


It's an EF 75-300mm.

KaHolly said...

Enjoyed birding with you this morning. Great photos and thoughtfully written. It's been the deep freeze here for too many weeks to count, and can't wait to hit the birding trail again. See the occasional flock of Snow Buntings to tempt my palate (sp?), but BRRRRRRRRRRR.

Hugh said...


Oooh, Snow Buntings! I would love to see some.

Hope things warm up soon.