Sunday, February 1, 2009

Desolation cakestand.

I wanted a birdbath that wasn’t plastic, and wasn’t tacky. No neoclassical thing with ladies losing their tops, holding a bowl on their heads; there seemed to be a lot of that sort. I was very happy to find a concrete birdbath with a much more suitable motif: Frog by Pond. Perfect for a herpetologist.

But in retrospect, plastic might not have been a bad idea. As any experienced gardener from a periodically cold climate will tell you, a concrete birdbath cannot last. Remember the cake stand, icon of our recent holiday weather?

Beneath those many inches of snow and ice the same forces of evil that pot-hole winter roads cracked and gnawed my birdbath to the point that it no longer holds water. The slightest touch, or breeze, causes further crumbling. I have to chase birds away from it. Hey, Finch! Don’t touch my birdbath!

I hope to be able to preserve Mr. Frog. Perhaps a very clever hammer blow will liberate him. I’ll take him indoors where he can join the Wood Duck on the mantle. The remains of the birdbath will gradually erode away, joining the soil, changing the pH in a positive way. (It was a very positive birdbath.)

Birdbath amid vernal plenty, long before the cold.


Crafty Gardener said...

That is a shame about your birdbath. Hopefully you can salvage the frog. We bring everything inside for the winter ... a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

PSYL said...

A birdbath not suitable for birds anymore. Such a shame.

First and third pictures are welcoming sights. The second, not so much!

I wonder if plastic ones are much better at surviving the cold winter though. Although I think what we experienced this winter is an once in a decade sort of a phenomenon.

Amy said...

Oh boy, this does not bode well for my little concrete bird bath, which is buried under a few feet of snow. I wonder what it will look like when (if?) we finally thaw out? I haven't seen it since mid December.

I hope Mr. Frog has a successful procedure!

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

You have the best articles. I laughed all the way through this.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a shame to lose such a lovely birdbath. Some of my terra cotta pots are sloughing off layers due to freeze thaw patterns.


Opps sorry again, I get a little enthusiastic. Did I spell that right?

KaHolly said...

As always, such a pleasure to view your blog while I sip my coffee and await the rising sun. Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

Hugh said...

Crafty, You're right. I should have brought it inside, but our winter weather is usually so mild that I didn't think of it until too late.

PSYL, I think plastic is okay in the cold, but certain kinds eventually degrade in the sun.

Amy, you never know. Sometimes it takes a few winters for the cracks to show.

Anna, Thanks!

Aunt Deb, I had a nice Lee Valley enameled terra cotta birdbath and it peeled apart too. This outdoor gardening is harsh on things.

KaHolly, Thank you again!