Thursday, February 26, 2009

Downturn in the temperature.

Someone opened the door and let hoary old winter back in. We had less than an inch of snow, enough to be pretty, but not enough to stick on the pavement. It gathers on the moss between the paving bricks, however, which looks interesting, and is my new excuse for not scratching it all out every year. "Wait till it snows a bit!" I shall say.

It was only about three degrees below freezing this morning, but it felt a lot colder. I was waiting for the birds to do something interesting, and as I did, my fingers froze.

The robins descended upon a row of holly trees, as they tend to do every morning. They showed the same behaviour I've seen before--a few fly into the tree, crash around noisily, knocking a lot of berries to the ground (which they don't seem to go down to pick up), and then fly into a nearby birch and ruminate for a while as others take their places in the hollies.

This is the craziest tree in the neighbourhood, some sort of cherry I think. It's like a web spun by a spider dosed with caffeine. It too looks improved with a dusting of snow.

I heard the Anna's Hummingbird calling, and set up my camera to get a picture of it confronting a frozen feeder, but it had more sense than to bother. I suddenly felt chilled to the bone, so went home and plugged in the kettle.


Cicero Sings said...

After I set my camera up precariously on the kitchen counter to catch a bird, any bird at the window feeder ... nary one of the little suckers came by ... I wasn't about to get MY fingers froze.

Karen said...

I think we got all the snow you missed. I like the way it stuck to the moss between your bricks, definitely a good reason not to pick it out.