Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The misunderstanding.

The weather is odd, too. The temperature has dropped since sunrise, and snow is predicted.

I got stung by a honey bee yesterday. In February.

I was talking with two other parents at the playground after kindergarten. They were moms.

We were standing on the wooden curb that keeps the pea gravel from spreading more than it does. Parents always stand there.

A honey bee flew up and buzzed my face. Then it dropped into my collar.


I fell off the curb and fished inside my shirt to extract the bee, gently.

Not gently enough. It stung me on the neck.

I chucked the bee from my collar, onto the grass. The moms looked at it.

One stung, one dead.

What was the bee doing? Was it out from the hive on a pee-break, felt cold, and sought refuge?


Gail said...

Bad news for you and the bee~~I can't imagine what it was doing out in the winter cold. gail

Karen said...

Poor you, poor bee. Youch! Weird day. Is it snowing there yet? A friend was trying to drive from here to Vancouver for a concert and had to turn back, blizzarding in Ferndale. What a winter.

Hugh said...

Gail, thanks. Yes, an unfortunate coincidence, me and bee.

Karen, It has been snowing here, on and off since about 6PM. There's only a dusting now, but the temp is below freezing and who knows what'll happen overnight? The radar shows a chaotic system. Too bad about your friend--within a day or two everything should be melted away.

KaHolly said...

Maybe it was looking for someplace warm!