Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday the view west from Terra Nova, across the Strait of Georgia toward the Gulf Islands, showed that the air around here is not always pristine. Now and then an upper-level layer of air of relatively high temperature prevents relatively cool ground-level air (and its smog-forming elements) from rising--a temperature inversion-- and so, depending on other factors, the result is low-level smog and/or fog.

Sometimes Greater Vancouver's smog drifts inland, up the Fraser River Valley. Other times it moves out to blanket the Gulf Islands. (You're welcome.)

As for the image, I liked the repeated blue-brown sequence of colours, with smog sandwiched between water and sky. Especially neat was the almost opalescent blue of the water.


swamp4me said...

I could have used a photo like this back in the olden days when I was a teacher -- my earth science students would have appreciated it.

Chriss said...

Very cool photo. Have a wonderful weekend.

kompoStella said...

he he. great post, great title.

i remember feeling bewildered when i was living in vancouver and people would rave about the locally grown fruit & veg. i would look at the smogwich horizon and think "hmmm... it might say 'organic' on the label but..."
same kind of confused thinking here/now, when my friends proudly bring me veg from their allotment that can be reached so quickly from the highway :-/