Monday, March 16, 2009


Can you see a hawk in a tree and not want to get as close as possible, short of bothering it? There’s so much potential energy. Like a parked police car. Whatever it’s about to do, it’s bound to be significant, or dramatic. Everyone notices when there’s a hawk in the room.

I would have gotten closer, but there were blackberries.


Wanderin' Weeta said...

There are always blackberries.

Neil said...

I stop to watch sharpies on campus on an almost daily basis...everyone else seems wholly oblivious, even when they are carrying off a squirrel the size of a small cat.

PSYL said...

That Accipiter ID Table is great!!! Thank you.

Emily said...

There is a Sharp-Shinnes Hawk that loves to visit my birdfeeders these days. I love chikadees, but I know it's nature... so I choose not to watch. :)

He The hawk is not afraid of me, he rolls his eyes when I try to get close to him. I can come within 10 feet before he flies out of my fruit trees.