Tuesday, March 17, 2009

State of the season on March 17.

Things is buddin,'

The poplars poppin,'

Poplar flowers in the sun.

Sap is running...or not. Petrified pitch-drip from a pine.

And a St. Patrick's Day tradition (loosely observed): the hanging of the very un-green hummingbird feeder, for it is usually mid-March that the Rufous Hummingbirds return. Increasingly, people here leave feeders up year-round as the winter-resident Anna's Hummingbirds extend their range northward, but they hadn't found our yard by early fall so I took the feeder down.

Now, where is that green food-colouring?


Karen said...

Do you need a virtual pinch? I think I might have seen a Rufous male outside my window this weekend, at least it seemed like a more aggro flight pattern than the usual, gentler Anna's guys. Can't be sure, but that flash of red was there too. Hope you get some returnees.

kompoStella said...

sap dripping photo is lovely!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hugh .. the last two days here in south eatsern Ontario in general have been amazing .. St. Paddy's Day couldn't have been better .. albeit we took everything out of the shed tso said shed will be torn down .. and I raked 2 huge bag fulls of leaves off the garden and lawn .. the weather was perfect for it : )
... and the Finch feeder was cleaned filled and on the hanger too !

Hugh said...

Karen, Thanks. That's encouraging. Yes, they are much more aggressive. The Anna's won't know what hit them when the RUHUs arrive.

Thank you KompoStella. It was like piece of jewellry hanging from the bark.

GardenJoy, That weather sounds perfect for such efforts. We need some! (My excuse for why my list of garden-things to do isn't getting any shorter.)