Monday, April 6, 2009

A shrubbery!

In the forested west end of Ladner Harbour Park, greenery suddenly looms above you, reminiscent of the Knights Who Say Nii. These are vines of English Ivy, Hedera helix, a native of Eurasia and North Africa, and multiple escapee from hanging baskets, planters and gardens here in BC, and elsewhere. It can smother native plants, even the towering cottonwoods of this forest. It denies sunlight to its host, and can increase the susceptibility of host trees to toppling in windstorms. (More on this plant as an invasive here at Evergreen.)

The Knights of Nii wanted a shrubbery. Unfortunately in the clip (linked above), that last crucial word was cropped -- which is what needs to be done to the invaders of the Ladner forest, invaders that themselves are a shrubbery.

(And not one that looks nice.)


Laura said...

Oh how I dislike Ivy. It pains me when I see them still selling it in stores. They should really be marked Hazardous! I had to remove a few small Ivy coverd tree's from my backyard when we moved into this house. Fortunately I was able to save the twin dogwood tree's. However some of the dead leftovers still lay in their canopies 4 years later. A reminder of sorts.

I LOL'd at your title. My husband and I were bantering the lines from that Monty Python over the weekend! A classic!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Heeeee! I wonder how many of us gleefully started with the Knights who say nee as soon as we saw your title. But seriously, you're right about the Hedera; although it's not a problem here (and in fact I killed numerous pieces of it trying to get it to establish as a ground cover in my garden....)

Hugh said...

Laura and Jodi, I'm always pleasantly surprised when people know Monty Python. Not everyone knows, but the right people do. As for Hedera, Laura, yes, one has to nip it in the bud here. If allowed to fruit, birds spread it into forests. Jodi, I guess your winters are too long or severe for it to cope. The upside of cold.

Karen said...

I feel like maybe we have ESP today - before I read this, I hacked back some ivy that was wending its sneaky way through the fence from the neighbor's (he's a real gardener and should know better!) and also mentioned MPATHG in my post from today. I didn't think to do a link though, huh... I mean, Ni!