Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tree Swallows look like Batman.

Tree Swallows are back, and only slightly jealous that they were not included in I and the Bird #97, along with their congeners the Violet-green Swallows, who were featured in a supporting role.

In their favour, and something Violet-greens cannot claim, the plumage of Tree Swallows resembles the heroic mask-cowl-cape of the Caped Crusader (Adam West version). Inconsequential? Absolutely. But still worth pointing out.

Most importantly, for a meta-bird post that pretty much covers the spectrum of birding through time and space, in this life and beyond, visit Great Auk, or Greatest Auk?’s highly entertaining and informative post.


Gardeness said...

Our swallows tend to be various shades of brown. Yours are much cooler. Thanks for the smile!

Becca's Dirt said...

They do look kinda like batman and robin. Cool. I love me some birds.

Larry Jordan said...

Nice post Hugh. The violet-green and tree swallows are a couple of my favorite birds. I call them the acrobats of the sky. I can watch them fly around for hours! Thanks for the cool photo of them.