Saturday, May 16, 2009

Be-jewelled weed.

Lupines are interesting even before their colourful spikes of flowers form. This patch is a garden variety (species unknown) that has been rendered bedazzling by a light rain.

Facts on lupines, purported to be fascinating by the British Columbia Outdoor Wilderness Guide:

- Lupines provide a beautiful panorama in British Columbia meadows
- a favourite delicacy of BC's lovable marmots (Editorial note: lovable indeed!)
- some forms of Lupine are regularly cultivated in gardens
- after a rain, look for the 'diamonds' of water glistening in the 'palms' of the Lupine leaves (Editorial note: see above!).

(Further editorial note--a question, really: why does Blogger occasionally & seemingly arbitrarily convert landscape images to portrait? Rarely does this improve the composition, and once Blogger's mind is made up as to how the image should be oriented, there is little but frustration ahead of you should you attempt to rectify the situation.)


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hugh ... I am a Lupin fan whether it is a "weed" in some cases or not .. they grow that way in Nova Scotia too !
I am chuckling over your thoughts on creating that special image with the camera .. how true is that I ask you ? LOL

Hugh said...


It's true. Blogger will rotate an image, and you can use Photoshop or some other program to make what you think is a compensating rotation, to no effect. It comes out portrait, no matter what you do--even if you yell really loudly at your computer.

Seabrooke said...

That's funny you should make that comment regarding blogger's aesthetic tastes on photo display. I don't use Wordpress's photo upload too much, mostly I use Flickr. However, as often as not, Flickr will load in portrait images as landscape. But not all of them, it likes to randomly leave some as portrait. And then on occasion, just for a change of pace, it'll load in landscape images as portrait, for no apparent reason other than its own playful whims.

My first step after uploading is usually correcting the orientation of half of the photos uploaded. I've wondered if it had something to do with an embedded orientation code, in the EXIF data or something, but since it also changes the orientation of photos that weren't rotated or cropped in Photoshop, that doesn't seem to be the answer.

Hugh said...


Yes, I have also wondered about embedded orientation code. It seems to happen most often when the camera is pointing straight down.

When I rotate the picture in Photoshop to compensate for what Blogger does, it still turns out the wrong way.

barefootheart said...

Sadly, my skills are too basic to join the technical discussion. I will just note that lupines always remind me of Miss Rumphius, a favorite picture book.