Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Columbine looking fine.

Third week of May means the columbines are out and at their best.

I seem to have the same selection (in the same places) as last year.

I say this, because I let them self-seed, and over the years they have wandered around the garden a bit. Last year's columbine post gives more information on the morphology and adaptation in these plants, for those interested.


Helen said...

Love the columbines. Mine stick around in a number of different forms, but the frilly granny's bonnet variety seem to be the most resilient, chez nous. Keep 'em deadheaded to prolong the bloom, and they last for weeks.

Zhakee said...

What beautiful columbines you get in your area. Nice photos.

Hugh said...

Helen, thanks for the advice. Will do.

Zhakee, the wild ones here are the usual red/yellow form (still very nice, of course).