Saturday, May 9, 2009

Early May, pink plants.

Today: Pinkness.

This is the flower head of Darmera peltata, sometimes known as umbrella plant. I bought the it from a woman at a plant sale who said, "I don't know what it is but it grows good by ponds." I had a heck of a time identifying it: most nursery people thought it was Astilboides, based on its large, rounded leaves, until I told one person that the flowers appeared first, then the leaves. Presto! Plant identified. It is one of those plants more appreciated for its leaves than flowers, and yes, it grows good by ponds.

The bleeding hearts, Dicentra spectabilis, are in full flight. Seen in low-angled, late-day light, they resemble patio lanterns. (Particularly classy ones.)

And finally, like a somewhat dangerous mint left on a fluffy pillow, a hornet rests on a Rhododendron.

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swamp4me said...

Pink flowers are pretty rare around here. Thanks for sharing yours. Those bleeding hearts are outrageous!