Saturday, May 23, 2009

The happy fence.

Someone built a cedar split-log fence at Terra Nova Rural Park. It lines a path that connects the community garden with the restored slough.

A fence? What's the big deal about a fence?

Well, for this one, in part, it's the wood. You cannot just look at this fence. You have to touch it. You have to smell it. You have to go mingle with it.

And the design: the split-log design makes you think of other places--farms, woodlots, cottage country, where zig-zag split-rail fences trail through forests, telling stories of clearing and natural reclamation.

It is such a nice fence that I decided to divert a bird walk I was leading, so the birders could see it too.

The reaction? "What a beautiful fence!" Many posed for pictures in front of it.

To whoever made it, your fence makes people smile.


Karen said...

Interesting that it is zig-zag, even though presumably that uses more wood (doesn't it?). Mmm, cedar smell.

Hugh said...

I believe that the zig-zag provides stability, and is especially useful in places where sinking posts is difficult.

randomtruth said...

Definitely a beautiful fence. All it needs is some lizards! :)