Friday, May 29, 2009

Team PI.

6-yr-old daughter was very excited about her first Sports Day at school. Yesterday, the day before Sports Day, she was assigned to Team 19. I do not understand how a school can have 19 or more teams, and why the teams would only have numerical names, but so it was. The thing is, during the night, excited about Sports Day and unable to sleep, daughter got up, and with a felt tip marker wrote 19 on her face. (Remarkably, she got the numbers the right way around.)

And so this morning, in three places on her pillow case, is the word PI.


Laura said...

Hilarious! My 4year old has been preparing for sports day. All week she has been running around the house chanting 'go team three!' Cute, for a few days.... Now I will be watching to make sure no markers enter her room. She already has a tendency towards body art ;)

randomtruth said...

Sell it on eBay as the shroud of Euclid. :)