Thursday, May 14, 2009

The tree peony: beloved.

The tree peony is peaking. It seems to be a hit with the local flowerati; a string of unknown shutterbugs has been by. How nice to have planted something on a whim five years ago (when it had but a single bloom) that each following year gives more and more. It's almost getting to be a bit much, like having a parade float in the front yard.

It looks nice, even when soggy, and once the flowers disintegrate, there is still the exceptionally attractive foliage.

In the sun the flowers glow, drawing mittfuls of bees.

And who doesn't love bees?

To summarize: The tree peony, although perhaps a little too poofy to some tastes, is a crowd pleaser.


Tatyana said...

Love it! Mine just opened and I go look at it every two hours!

Karen said...

I had never heard of these before this year. The nursery I frequent only had ugly single yellow ones. I want a white or pink double like yours. Stunning! I know, it's a bit froufrou, but we need those showy plants in our lives sometimes, especially after a hard winter. Bravo!

kompoStella said...

this is a favourite flower of mine, partly because it was my grandmother's i guess.
i have never seen it in this red colour before, very interesting to me. in my experience they have been white, a dusty, light pink or a very deep pink with a hint of purple in it - that last one is the one for me ;-)

BrightenedBoy said...

What lovely pictures.

And I for one could do without bees, thank you very much!

Those flowers are so beautiful, but given your location I wonder if they would be appropriate in my climate.

Cicero Sings said...

I would like one of these and have drooled over them in the seed catalogues for a couple of years now. But I do sigh over the price ... that and a place to put one. Digging an appropriate hole is not easy in our super rocky soil!