Monday, May 18, 2009

Victoria Day event.

Fallen sepals.

My orange poppy popped today. I planted it five(?) years ago, and to date it has produced a single flower a year. It was as seen above early this morning,

and has been opening slowly since. Today is Victoria Day in Canada, also known as the 24th of May (even though this year it falls on the 18th; it has to be a Monday). I see the rapid opening of this flower as emblematic of the day, because when I was a kid in Ontario, it was a day celebrated with fireworks. Aside: Here in BC, fireworks are more usually associated with Halloween. Not much is flowering then.

Last year, the flower almost did match up with Victoria's official birthday, opening on the 23rd. This year's poppy is thus anomalous to the overall pattern of this spring--of things being a week or two behind. Perhaps finally, the effects of the long, cold, early spring have been damped out, and things are progressing as they should.

Another anomaly: it's a one-bloom plant no longer. Down in the foliage are the well-formed buds of three more flowers.


Helen said...

Oriental poppies -- just like fireworks. They last but a few seconds, but life wouldn't be the same without them. Congratulations on your uncrinkling.

Laura said...

My first year or two with Poppies I also only received one or two flowers. Now that the clump is established I have over a dozen ready to burst! They are a good producer. Gorgeous colour!