Friday, May 22, 2009

Wrongway rodent update.

On May 4 I wrote about a Yellow-bellied Marmot that had somehow found its way to Temple Row (No. 5 Road) in Richmond. These are creatures of mountain lowlands, not coastal flatlands. It was clearly lost, and lacking a rocky prominence on which to perch, had adopted a stack of pallets in a somewhat industrial area. I contacted a wildlife rescue organization, and was told that an attempt would be made to trap the animal and transport it to somewhere suitable.

I know there is no marmot-catching squad on alert in a firehall, Ghostbusters-style, so didn't expect this to happen right away. A week later, as we were driving past the temple nearest to where it had been spotted, I saw it was still there, posed like a guardian lion, still atop the stack of pallets, although the stack seemed to have been moved closer to an out-building.

Marmot, among temple things.

We turned into the parking lot and my son and I snuck up on the creature. Well, more like just walked up to it. He was mellow, in the way of marmots.

We bade him farewell and left him to his man-made, somewhat wobbly throne. My son said, "I can't believe I just saw a Yellow-bellied Marmot."

I said, "Everyone has that reaction the first time they see one."

Update: yesterday I received an email from the Wildlife Rescue Association that the marmot had been humanely trapped, and was on its way home. Well done, Wildlife Rescue Association, and thanks to the temple staff who assisted, and kudos to Laura and Doreen who found him in the first place.


Karen said...

Hey, nice work! Hope he finds a better place to perch. Did he whistle at you? I don't know if these ones do that, the ones in the Alps do, kind of.

Now if only someone could find the black bear that's loose in Seattle - he's on the news every night but so far they can't figure out where he's hiding! Hope he finds his way to a safer, more suitable place too.

Debbie said...

When my honey took a Man Motorcycle trip to Colorado he saw Marmot. He was licking salt off a rock or something. I'd never heard of them. I keep telling him they're "mythical" animal he made up. Guess not! But what's he doin at your house??

April Lorier said...

Checking for that secret code.