Friday, June 19, 2009

Coyote hungry. Or something.

Today at Terra Nova someone pointed out two coyotes near the water. This was at the mouth of the river, across from Vancouver's airport. One was at the edge of the marsh, wandering in circles. (Click to see. Sorry that these pictures are so distant. I had to lean against the corner of a washroom building to keep the camera steady.)

Coyote #1.

The second coyote was doing something more interesting, and seemingly with a point:

Coyote #2.

It was swimming out into a flock of Canada Geese, about to do some damage. (You really have to click this one to see him. He's the smudge on the left.) Perhaps they should get some of these dogs at LaGuardia.

But then the unexpected happened. Unperturbed, the geese parted, leaving #2 to dog-paddle among them fruitlessly.

So then #2 kept on going, as if now realizing his plan was flawed from the start, but not wanting to appear a rube. So he swam and swam, across the river, as if that's what he meant to do all along.

He ended up over by the big white ball, and disappeared into the tall grass.

Meanwhile, #1 left the marsh and demonstrated it was possible to disappear into the tall grass without swimming across a large river.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sounds like cat behaviour. "I ment to do that."

Kim and Victoria said...

Great photos, I could see them both. A fox in the park downtown gets the geese into the water around here.