Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get on with it, Gadwall.

Gadwall, Anas strepera, today.

There's a pair of Gadwall at the recently emergent vegetation-denuded pond at Garden City Community Park. They have been there for some weeks, perhaps months, paddling around, not getting anything done. The numerous mallards have already produced broods, some of which are way past the cute stages. The male mallards are well into their molt-flock shabbiness.

The Gadwalls should have nested by now. Perhaps it is the choice of territory that holds them back. Gadwalls typically nest within tall emergent vegetation, which is sparse in the pond at present, thanks to a muskrat eat-out (a recognized term), and prefer vegetated islands, of which there are none in the pond.

Yet they remain. Gadwall are mostly a prairie breeder, but in recent years have expanded into the Pacific Northwest. This pair doesn't seem intent on continuing the trend.


swamp4me said...

No, you can't hurry love...oh you just have to wait...

Kim and Victoria said...

Maybe they're anti-children?