Friday, July 31, 2009



It's been so hot lately that I decided to look back half a year to the flipside of our weather cycle. Back then I doubt I could have imagined the surprising forearm perspiration (when I'm just typing) of now. Now at least I have images to remind me of what it was like back then, of crunching through that weirdly punctated surface layer into the many layers of snow below. But I can't truly feel the cold.

A second point (the real point) of this post is to direct you to the flipside of the planet (as if Earth were flat with a hole in the centre), to Chennai, India, where the latest edition of Festival of the Trees is being hosted on Trees, Plants and more. Learn about trees in fruit and more. It's tropical, it's tasty, it's hot.


Karen said...

Oh cool, I'd lost the trail of the FotT for a bit, since Local Ecologist did it a few months ago. Do you know her blog? It's really fabulous, she's a smartie like you. Ah, thanks for the cooling pic of the wintry scene. No, it doesn't dry the sweat, only our long-lost marine air can do that. At least it cooled off a bit here today - hope it did for you too. Never thought I'd think of a high of 89 as "cool," but comparatively, it was!

Karen said...

PS What beer did you serve yourself at the summit? Did you argue with yourself about whether or not to have a Canadian brew?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hugh ... that picture is absolutely stunning ..

Hugh said...

Karen,thanks for the reminder about Local Ecologist. I'll add her to my bloglist. RE beer: It was a contest between Rocky Mountain Genuine Lager and Fast Trax Brown Ale, both from the Fernie Brewing Company (BC microbrewer). The solution, as always, was to have both.

Joy, thanks. It was a very picturesque stretch of weather we had from mid-Dec to mid-Jan this past winter.

Arati said...

thats a pretty picture.
makes me want to travel through the hole to your side and through time!

Hugh said...

Arati, Perhaps six months from now I'll be having the same thought, but headed back your way!