Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Go fly a kite on Canada Day.

Unrelated but patriotic artwork provided by national rodent, Castor canadensis.

A sunny, windy Canada Day. We went out for lunch, and bought a kite at Crappy Tire (8 bucks). Got it home and opened the box to find that it contained a repackaged broken kite, probably returned to the store for a refund, then, instead of being inspected and tossed, put back on the shelf to be sold again.

I went to the loonie store at the corner mall and bought a kite for a toonie, a batwing kite with a snarling leopard graphic. I used the string from the Crappy Tire kite because it was more robust, and heck if the two-dollar kite didn't fly like an eight-dollarer. So the kids flew a kite in the wind, in the sun, on Canada Day.

I hope you've had a good Canada Day, regardless of citizenship or location.


Tim said...

We checked out the Salmonfest in Steveston for the first time. Parade, lots of people, and plenty of food vendors and outdoor entertainment. Glad we biked there.

A few sightings of bald eagles in the morning along the south dyke, one being harassed by crows, and another chasing down a seagull.

Happy C Day!

Hugh said...

Biking, especially along the dyke, is a good way to get there--as long as there's a safe place to lock up. I haven't been lately; I think the Tall Ships madness left me scarred.

Happy C Day to you too!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

No holiday for us here in Texas so I went to work. That's okay, working at the library is like a smart vaction every day.

randomtruth said...

Fun! But then, you could write about nonsense and use "loonie" and "toonie" and I would have still enjoyed it! Happy Canada Day! :)

Hugh said...

Aunt Deb, Lucky you. It sounds like fun.

Ken, thank you, I think. Canadians use "loonie" and "toonie" unironically. To blend, one must learn not to snicker.

randomtruth said...

No offense/tease meant! Love that Canadia slang. A band I like called the Weakerthans sing about counting loonies at the dollar store and it brings a smile to my face every time.