Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pruning and pretty thing.

Phalaenopsis sp.

Today was a day of pruning--of the towering white lilac and the out-of-control nine-bark "Diablo." The pruning was relatively easy and fun, but bundling up the mountain of cuttings was not.

I discovered that morning glory/bindweed (Convolvulus) had spread from the neighbour's side of the fence into the crowns of both shrubs. There is something very satisfying about grabbing a clump of the stuff and hauling hard--the way it comes ripping out of the branches and falls at your feet like a beached sea serpent. This plant is creepy; it refuses to go quietly. Even as the vines shrivel, the flowers continue to bloom.

Rather than show the results of pruning and weed-pulling, I'm providing fresh images of the Phalaenopsis left outside our front door a week or so ago. Thanks to Mr. Subjunctive for identifying it.


Kim and Victoria said...

I have bindweed! Your orchid is lovely.

spinyurchin said...

Hmmm, I was looking forward to a pic of some rusty pruners. I GUESS the orchid will do...