Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer sound.

Short-horned grasshoppers are a form of summer clutter. They pop up from the hot places and flutter a few metres, then drop and disappear.

They're hard to photograph: nervous and small, mostly linear, and rarely at a helpful angle. In the bright sun, where they are most active, they cast dark shadows. On the wrong side they're more shadow than bug.

Some have a band near the wing margins, and are known, sensibly, as band-winged grasshoppers. They crepitate--snap crackle pop-- as they fly, the sound of summer heat in vacant lots and along railway beds.


Texas Travelers said...

Amen on photographing grasshoppers.
Looks like great minds think along similar lines.

Thanks for the visit.

Autumn Belle said...

These grasshoppers come in colours that nicely camourflage them.

Tim said...

I spent years observing grasshoppers like these. As a child, hearing about swarms of locusts in the prairies, I called these locusts as they were capable of sustained flight, preserving the name "grasshoppers" for those that merely hop and glide.