Friday, July 24, 2009

A thing to grasp.

Holding fast to a big brown alga.

We came across a blade of kelp, Alaria, I think, in an eelgrass tidepool. Kelp must be picked up and examined. It is slimy plastic, shiny and translucent. Plus it's big.

This one had lost its grip; its holdfast had failed. A kelp's holdfast is also known as a haptera, plural for hapteron, which is a derivation of the Greek háptein--to grasp.


Karen said...

When I lose my grip now, I will try to remember that I am mirroring a natural life-form and letting my haptera release. Ahhh.

Kelp must also be swung around in as wide an arc as possible, especially if other small children are standing nearby.

Hugh said...

Ha ha. And yes, good point about the swinging!