Thursday, July 2, 2009

A tree and two carnivals.

This is Albizia julibrissin, known as the Persian Silk tree, among other names. The leaves suggest a Mimosa, which it is also sometimes called. It is a legume, Family Fabaceae. The flowers, with their clusters of thread-like stamens, aren't typically pea-like, but the fruit is a flat pod containing several seeds. It is native to Asia, from Iran to China (Wikipedia).

This tree is in the arboretum at Garden City Park. It is not presently at the stage shown; these pictures were taken last year, late in July.

A reminder of two tree/plant blog carnivals that have appeared in the past two days:

Festival of the Trees #37, at TGAW, a roll call of trees that have endured.

Berry-Go-Round at Foothill Fancies, a summer feast, visual and otherwise.


Vicky said...

I am quickly become a steadfast fan of Mimosa trees. They are so beautiful and prevalent in my new home town.

P.S. Thanks for the link back to the festival! :)

Neil said...

Beautiful from afar...miserable from below. Just returned from two 1/2 weeks in europe to find our yard ankle deep in dropped flowers, smothering the manzanita and the penstemon among others.

Hugh said...

Neil, I get that. Our neighbour in Albany CA had one in her yard, a spectacular specimen. She had it cut down because of the mess.

Dee said...

What great luck I had to find this post. I've been eyeing a tree like this at one of the hospitals I work at and I could not figure out what it I know! Thanks! I love your blog!

Hugh said...


Thank you!