Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Achieving the perfect lawn.

Part of suburban life, which needs no explaining, is the quest for the perfect lawn. Heaven knows I do my best. This year, I am getting close.

Darn! A scrap of green that refuses to brown up. Otherwise a uniformly crispy shredded-wheat carpet.

From afar, this patch looks mostly the desired colour, but a closer look reveals stubborn greenery. There is still some work not to be done.


Neon Swan said...

Wow. This really astounds me. And worries me not a little bit. The NW isn't supposed to do that. Meanwhile, in downstate Illinois, where our lawns regularly look like that around this time of year, it's been cool, wet, and rainy.

Hugh said...

Yes, NS. Joking aside, this is a scary-dry year. Forest fires are widespread and raging in the province, perhaps the worst fire season ever (and it's just starting). Many small communities and decent-sized cities are evacuated. Firefighters from as far away as Australia and NZ are coming to help. So people worrying about their lawns (and they do) astounds me.

Sorry you haven't had much of a summer so far. As a native south Ontarioan, I know how disappointing that is.

spinyurchin said...

Your lawn looks like my lawn.(That parrot/lawn isn't dead, it's just resting.)
I always shake my head at houses with sprinklers going. Shake my head, and sometimes I roll my eyes.

Karen said...

Could you make it not rain for another month or two? Then I think it would all be perfectly uniform.

Yes, I too worry about forest fires. Probably going to be a really bad year unless we get some strange August rainfall.

Garden Lily said...

Love it. In my case, I hope the grass will finally stop growing, so I can save on lawncutting fees, but the clover just won't quit! :-)