Thursday, August 13, 2009

Follow the new guy.

Two or three families of Canada Goose have been living along this stretch of the Fraser River all summer. Yesterday I found they had been joined by a large white goose, probably a domestic Greylag, Anser anser. Feral wild-type (i.e., not white) Greylags, which are native to Eurasia, frequently associate with Canada Geese in North America.

What I found odd was that the Canada Geese seemed to have adopted the mis-matched newcomer as a leader of sorts. They followed it across the river to the near shore.

There, the white goose started nibbling the sedges. The Canada Geese milled about, not sure what to do.

They ignored the sedges and searched just beneath the water for something to eat--or simply something to do.

Meanwhile, white goose chowed down.


spinyurchin said...

That's just crazy. I like how they are killing time until Mr. Anser anser is finished doing his thang.

Karen said...

Too funny. Well, he is easier to see in the dark water. Maybe he's just used to bossing lady geese around in the barnyard so has that kind of alpha personailty to be at the tip of the V.