Saturday, August 15, 2009

Frugivores are happy.

Yellow ones.

Red ones.

The combo pack.

Neighbour's tall and sprawling pear tree. In evenings to come I shall sit outside and listen to the plump fruits dropping. The hollow bonk onto the lid of a plastic compost bin is most pleasing.


spinyurchin said...

Hollow bonks indeed. In that bit of heat wave we had, it caused the apples to drop off our tree. We would have to hurry under it so as not to get brained.

Karen said...

Do they not pick them? Sad to see it all go to waste. Does Vancouver have a harvest donation crew who can come and pick it to give to food banks? Seattle does, it's a pretty cool idea.

Hugh said...

Spiny, my friends in Bermuda have a killer avocado like that.

Karen, I don't know about Vancouver, but Richmond has a very active fruit salvaging group. They're a bit overwhelmed this year (bumper crops everywhere).