Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new lifer.

Northern Camel-cart, a rare two-humped species. Favours forest edges. (Tick!)


Garden Lily said...

My gosh, where do you find all these carts? Too funny!

barefootheart said...

Do you have the field guide?

Also, perhaps you should start collecting them for your garden:

spinyurchin said...

Oh wow, that link is all kinds of awesome.

Hugh Griffith said...

Garden Lily, They are everywhere, once one's ear becomes attuned to the squeaky wheel.

Barefootheart, Those are great links. Thanks!. The field guide is impressive. I should have guessed someone would have come up with one--although the approach is somewhat different than a typical guide, based more on status than morphology. (And it includes urban strays too.)

barefootheart said...

There's another use for shopping carts illustrated over at Grammarian's