Sunday, August 2, 2009

Several head of bird.

Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbirds.

Today at Terra Nova I came across what I thought was a flock of American Robins feeding in a hawthorn tree. A closer look revealed at least three of the birds were juvenile Brown-headed Cowbirds. They were typically tame and stared at me cooperatively, and I should have been able to get a slew of decent pictures, but I was having battery issues. By the time I was up and running again, they had gone. There was a robin with them, but I doubt it was the host for these nest parasites--they are savvy about cowbirds, and there are very few records of cowbird eggs in robin nests in BC. Occasionally some unfortunate (usually larger = thrush-sized or so) bird will raise multiple cowbird eggs. I don't know if these were nest-mates, or merely a random gathering of young cowbirds. I can't remember seeing more than one at a time before. Arrrgh about the battery. I must pay more attention to those little bars.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I thought only humans could be terrible mothers.

Hugh said...

Aunt Deb, Cowbirds break all the rules (Rules? What rules?)

Karen said...

Oh, phooey, don't be such a perfectionist. I like the way you captured the two birds, one in profile and the other looking away. Never heard of nest parasites before, I learn something new here practically every day.