Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swivel plant.

There are several large clumps of Physostegia virginiana at Paulik Park in central Richmond. Its common name is Obedient Plant.

The name refers to the flowers, which can be swivelled on the stems, and remain in the changed position. Physostegia is in the Lamiaceae (mint family) and is native to central and eastern North America.

How to keep a large patch from toppling? A Paulik Park gardener has come up with an elegant solution.

Bamboo---and zap straps, neatly snipped.


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

A brilliant solution to keeping the bed upright! I wish I'd seen this idea before my delphinium toppled in the annual peony/delphinium wind/rainstorms.
I have the bicolour Physostegia and it doesn't go quite as bananas as its solid colour relative. The butterflies love it too.

Helen said...

My dry-shade, maple-rooted front garden must be one of the few in the world that has killed, or at least seriously maimed, physostegia -- and also, by the way, goutweed, houttuynia and other invasive plants. You'll note that I disavow all responsibility for this. Neat (and tidy) idea, though.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Why didn't I think of using those zip ties like that. Thanks.

Dee said...

I love that bamboo corral! I finally got around to adding you to my blog list- I really enjoy your blog!

spinyurchin said...

Keep movin movin movin
Though they're disapprovin
Keep them doggies moving

What, no one else is humming this?