Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad day for Stinky.

This morning a European Garden Spider spun her web beneath one of the fronds of Big Blue, the towering blue elderberry. By afternoon she had trapped a number of gnats, but the true prize was a Green Stink Bug.

The presence of adult (winged) stink bugs and large orb-weaving spiders capable of eating them are both signs of early fall.

Nature is clever that way, synchronizing the appearance of dinner and diner.


Karen said...

Wow, that's a big spider! Do stink bugs really stink? I was up close and personal with one the other day but maybe it had just taken a bath, I didn't smell anything.

Hey, wonder what your position, freak-out wise, is on raccoon scat 6 inches from the basement door? Frequently trafficked area by the humans, not sure how long the potty has been there and how much potential roundworm egg scariness has been tracked into the house. I did a full haz-mat cleanup today and dusted with some crazy product that has garlic oil and coyote urine in it. Did I over-react? I don't bear the raccoons any ill will, just don't want my family to get horribly sick due to their placement of poos. Thanks!

Hugh said...

Karen, they do stink, but I have a hard time smelling them. Some people are very sensitive to the smell.

Regarding raccoon scat, I'm no expert. After reading about the roundworm threat and how to deal with it, I don't think you over-reacted. When you have a small child, you can't take a chance. Probably there's no problem, but you can't assume that. I would do the same.

Karen said...

Thanks for the quick reply, I really appreciate your input. I love wildlife, but geez, these guys have really invaded my world this year! I kind of miss the days when the squirrels were my biggest problem...