Friday, September 11, 2009


Something small and dark was on the carpet. My wife asked, "Is that a bug?" She is near-sighted and wasn't wearing her glasses.

"I dunno. Could be," I said. I too am near-sighted and hadn't put in my contacts. I didn't know where my glasses were.

We stared at the potential bug. It wasn't moving. My wife went and got a tissue. She scrunched it up and placed it over the whatever it was. She picked it up and looked at it. It was red underneath.

"Bug?" I asked.

"Phone," she said.

Polly Pocket's cellphone, like a Douglas fir seed, is smaller than a penny.


Mary Delle said...

What will technology not do for us.

WiseAcre said...

Sometimes the little things in life are funny. Other times it's just a bug.

Tim said...

Tiny phone! But I bet the reception's lousy.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Where are the tweezers when ya' NEED them ? LOL

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Oh, it's funny! I thought it would be about some nasty bug!

Karen said...

Mini circular legos from castle set also are frequently mistaken for bugs, and sometimes vacuumed up as such. Hope Polly is not freaking about her call list being hijacked, a la Paris Hilton.

PS Canada just has nicer money. Maple leaves, caribou... well, then there's the Queen. Never mind.