Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Counting cranes.




& more.

There were 14 in total. This is the most I've seen at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, but I only visit six or so times a year; perhaps this is unremarkable. Some Sandhill Cranes overwinter at the sanctuary, so at any time of year one might expect to spot at least a few. I haven't been keeping tabs on breeding success of the residents, so can't discount the number being due to reproductive increase. Some of the birds appeared to hatch-years (rusty-backed), but I don't know who is resident and who might be passing through. All these thoughts in my head. Heck, head, just look at the birds.

Note the large bands high up on both legs of the central bird in the second image. Someone is keeping track of something.


Dave Ingram said...

Nice to see the cranes back at Reifel. We've had a flock that have been seen at the Courtenay estuary for a couple of weeks now - I heard them flying today. Would be interesting if they start to overwinter here as well.

Garden Lily said...

Wow, that is a sight. When we were there once, we saw only two, but they were doing some pretty neat dance moves.

Victoria said...

Wow, that is quite the flock - I've been there a handful of times but I've never seen more than a pair per visit. Really neat to see a big group like that.