Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling cone.

This is the cone of a western hemlock.

It is the smallest by far of the cones from the three common needle-bearing conifers in Paulik Park. From left to right: Douglas fir (note the "hiding mice" bracts), Sitka spruce, and western hemlock.

Inches from impact.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Wow! What a shot! Did you sit and wait for this moment? It's so sharp! I think it's award winning photo.

Hugh said...

Tatyana, I must confess; it's a cheat. I saw this thing hovering above the ground. I thought it was a bumblebee, but it was a cone snared and swinging back and forth on a silken thread. I had to lie on my belly and take about 20 pictures to obtain these two relatively sharp ones.

Garden Lily said...

Ha, that's great! Well worth lying on your belly for. I was going to guess that you had one of your little helpers repeatedly drop the cone until you caught it in the air.

Karen said...

Hm, you are too honest - I would have believed it was a real falling cone caught by an incredibly fast shutter speed. Still, secret revealed aside, very cool. I can ID a Doug Fir cone but was never sure what those little ones were. I need to take a tree ID class one of these eons.