Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to get rid of Barn Swallows? Just wait.

I get a swell of hits from Google in May-June thanks to those wanting to get rid of nesting Barn Swallows. I get another August pulse for the same reason, as the swallows raise a second brood.

Barn Swallows gathering near Boundary Bay this week.

My opinion has always been, don't worry, they'll get rid of themselves. And they always do. Here, now, family groups are gathering into large flocks. Within two weeks they'll be gone, on their way to wintering locales in South America. They are the last of the three locally common species to leave. Tree Swallows and Violet Green Swallows have already disappeared.


Victoria said...

Oh no! Why would you want to get rid of barn swallows?? They are awesome!

Eskarina said...

Our resident swallows had a bad year this year, as crows were also nesting in the neighbourhood. The barn swallows were finally successful with thier fourth nest, and four babies fledged.
According to neighbours, generations of barn swallows have been nesting in our carport for about 30 years. We have been fortunate to enjoy them for the past five years. Some years we get lucky and two pairs choose to nest here. We do what we can to encourage them, and to educate the neighbours who want to get rid of them.

Karen said...

I guess maybe they don't like getting dive-bombed or having the poop hit the patio? I saw a solution recently - put cardboard up under the nest to catch the drips. Then you can just sit back and enjoy their flitting trips and adorable babies until migration!

Hugh said...

Victoria, yes, exactly!

Eskarina, too bad about the crows, but lucky for the swallows you live there now.

Karen, yes, poop & swoop, too much for some to cope with. You've found a perfect and simple solution. If you love the world a little poop & swoop is nothing.