Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh look, rocks!

Probable Western Shambler, courtesy of Mr. Subjunctive.

And guess what else? This addition to Wild Shopping Carts of North America (in progress) was kindly contributed by Mr. Subjunctive, who said, "I was too far away to determine the species for sure, but I think I've narrowed it down to a Blue-fronted Schleppet or a Western Shambler (blue form)." I lean toward Shambler. They tend to topple to the left.

Anyway, tomorrow on
International Rock Flipping Day I will not be flipping any of the above rocks, although they look very promising. Unfortunately for me, those rocks are in Iowa. I will have to find closer rocks to flip.


Dave Ingram said...

Hi Hugh,

I've been out looking for Vancouver Island endemics and took a few photographs at dusk today (seems that some of them are nocturnal). Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty identifying them so am looking forward to getting a good key. Have you seen Julian Montague's Stray Shopping Carts? It's eastern US based but might be applicable here on the West Coast.


Dave Ingram

Hugh said...

Hi Dave,

Yes, someone recently directed me there. It's quite a detailed project. It includes carts in strictly urban settings as well as wild ones, and categorizes them by location/condition rather than morphology and ecology. It has an impressive collection of photos.