Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rainy with a chance of snail.

Today is the first full day of school. I'm having trouble dealing with a suddenly wide-open schedule.

There are projects to work on, and it's a rainy fall day, the sort of day perfect for toiling at the keyboard next to a pot of tea, but I can't decide what to do first. So I periodically visit the weather frog for inspiration, for a hint.


Dave Ingram said...

I'd say put on a pot of tea.

Nice blog, great reading. As a former GVRD interpreter I really enjoy the Interpreter series - excellent stuff!

Sally said...

I guess one thing I haven't said here is how much I enjoy your post titles. This is a good example!

I'd say weather frog is predicting "slimy"!

PainChaud said...

I recently started having weekends off and I don't know what to do with my time even if there's lots to do.So yeah you're not alone ;)

Karen said...

Same here. Only I don't have a nice weather frog (??) to consult like an oracle for what to do with all the unaccustomed spare time. I did go buy a phone battery, though, which somehow seemed impossible with my shadow along this summer.

Hugh said...

Thanks Dave. We are both veterans of that organization-and another one too. Nice to hear from you.

Sally, Thanks, I try. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes I draw a blank. I would hate to be a newspaper headline writer.

PainChaud, I must make a list of things to do. First item: make a list.

Karen, it's amazing how the simplest tasks become logistical challenges/impossibilities when childcare is the main issue.