Saturday, September 5, 2009

A rock to roll.

If a rock is too large to bring to your garden,

bring your garden to the rock.

A hearty patch of Echeveria at Paulik Park.

I'm keeping an eye out for flippable rocks, which tend to be scarce on this island, for International Rock Flipping Day is fast approaching. I will try to surpass my results for 2008. I hope to find a trunk snake, or perhaps a mole rat.

International Rock Flipping Day is on September 20, and this year is being hosted at Wanderin' Weeta. Thanks, Susannah!


mr_subjunctive said...

Oh crap. Every year, International Rock Flipping Day sneaks up on me, and I wind up in the stores frantically trying to buy gifts for everybody at the last minute.

Hugh said...

Mr. S, I know what you mean. I waited too long to prepare for International Vulture Awareness Day. Went all over town, but everyone was fresh out of carrion.