Saturday, September 26, 2009


All week long the kids at the neighbourhood school have been doing their best to knock the ripening horse chestnuts from the old tree whose branches hang over the fence. They've been throwing sticks, throwing balls, trying to lift each other up to the fruit, which were still far too high to be reached. And then today, the wind...

A maple, not a chestnut, thrashing in the wind.

From the other side. The wind was really picking up.

It was as we marvelled at the maples that we heard behind us the thunks of chestnuts falling to the ground. Gifts from above. My kids and I, alone in the playground this Saturday, ran around beneath the tree, prying open the split leather skins of the chestnut fruits, dodging the ongoing bombardment.

A horse chestnut fresh from its covering--what could be prettier, and what fits better within a child's hand or pocket?


Karen said...

Are those small child hands or really big chestnuts?! Wow. We only seem to have the littler, spikier ones around here. My kid loves to collect them too, although she usually wants me to hold the outer casings. Nice of the wind to bring them down to discovery level for the kids!

Garden Lily said...

We gathered some tonight from Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. They are certainly very pretty - I love their colour. But I don't want to think about the trays of them we will likely end up with over the next month or so. We still have quite a few from previous years.

Hugh Griffith said...

Karen, this tree had large, relatively unspiky fruits.

Lily, Yes, they tend to lose their lustre quickly. I leave them outside. Nature carries them away.