Monday, September 21, 2009

Young poser.

Great Blue Herons are very common here, and over the years I have taken many pictures of them. Lately I've taken to giving them a miss, unless one comes up with a new pose.

This was a juvenile bird, as indicated by its solidly black crown and the fact that it was standing in the middle of a busy bike path. I almost bumped into it. It flopped over to the nearby pond and landed with its back to me, then, spying something, struck this peculiar pose. Perhaps herons have an almost infinite ability to come up with new poses, in which case I'm glad for the invention of digital cameras.


Sally said...

That IS a great pose! You're lucky to be seeing them so often. I always seem to see them when they're flying... and I'm driving (with no camera)!

I did get one good sequence this summer that I'm sure I will post someday.

spinyurchin said...

That is so disco!