Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall fowl.

Thankful not to be turkeys.

The temperature dipped to 1C early this morning. Frosty. Clear skies and sunny now, a near perfect fall day. This is more of a tweet than a post. Perhaps it's a honk.


randomtruth said...

Ah, yes, Canada's finest. On behalf of America, I would like to request that you take them all back. We'll enjoy them from across the border at a distance, and w/o the poop. :)

Karen said...

Since you seem to speak their lingo, could you please remind them not to come further south to Seattle, where they are sometimes rounded up and shoved in a truck-mounted gas chamber due to "overpopulation"? Thanks!

Hugh said...

RT: Sometimes they get lost. And incontinent. Gently kick them in the butt, and send them on their way. Where washable footwear.

Karen, Yikes. I don't think that would go over well here. Yes, people complain about the poop, but gassing them would probably not be allowed.

Karen said...

They tried feeding them to homeless people but decided the gas chamber was easier, I kid you not. I have heard reports of people actually witnessing the slaughter, it sounds really cruel. Sigh. When are we going to learn how to live right with nature, I wonder? Of course I say this as I frantically try to figure out how to encourage the raccoons not to make potty stops where my kid plays anymore... Sorry you missed the crow doc, I heard it was pretty cool. Maybe it will repeat or come out on DVD?