Sunday, October 11, 2009

More reds: bog bounty.

Richmond is in the midst of the cranberry harvest. The berries are combed from vines on dry-harvest farms, or beaten from submerged vines in the river-side fields that are diked and flooded. (Neat thing about cranberries is that they are extremely buoyant. )

When fresh, they bounce nicely too.

And now it is time to start the bird.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.


joey said...

I'm a cranberry addict ... love this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugh said...

Joey, Me too. Early fall is full of treats, edible and otherwise. Thanks for the pick, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Karen said...

Hm, never thought to bounce a cranberry. Will have to invent a game with the small fry.

Small chance you will get this in time, but there is a doc at 9pm on CBC tonight by Susan Fleming called "A Murder of Crows." I met her by chance when they were filming here in Seattle, but since I don't have cable, have no way to watch it. So curious! If you see it, I'd love to know how it is. Happy CT!

Hugh said...

Karen, Thanks, but I missed it, darn.