Saturday, October 31, 2009


This American Robin is doing its best pumpkin imitation, perhaps unaware that pumpkins tend to fall out of trees. Note that its famously red breast is actually somewhat orange. This is due in part to the freshness of the feathers, recently molted, with the frosted tips not yet worn away.

This same feature can be seen in these Halloween-hued Red-winged blackbirds, who are into the spirit of things.

I watched the robin gorge itself on mountain ash berries, then went home and stole Reese's peanut butter cups from the big bowl at the front door.


Nell Jean said...

I think this is the first time I've commented on your blog, by way of Blotanical. Chuckled at the line about the Reese's Cups. We are too rural for Trick or Treat, and Halloween came without treats, except for bags of Chex Mix, just in case.

Your blog title reminds me of when I assembled some stones into a kind of arty thing, and knew it was a lizard pagoda when an eastern fence lizard moved in.

Hugh said...

Thanks Nell Jean, and thanks for the charming lizard story. Fence lizards are great little characters.

Karen said...

Reese's are my favorite - salty + sweet + chocolate, who could resist? I was really puzzled about the term "robin redbreast" until I saw pictures of robins from England - they look a lot different and less like they have a bad spray-tan on their chests. I love RWB's and think it's hilarious that one of my bird books lists their (male) call as "Konka-a-ree! Eat my cheesies." Or maybe they got it wrong, could it be "Eat my Reese's"?