Friday, October 23, 2009


I like the range of colours among these American Sweetgum (I think) leaves. I say "I think," because most pictures show the leaves to be simple five-lobed stars, without secondary lobes. Sweetgum has a wonderful generic name: Liquidamber. (See comments below; the proper spelling is probably Liquidambar.)This tree reminded me one one of the background options that came with an ancient version of Windows.

This Aralia is also doing interesting things with colour. The "branches" are really very long leaf petioles bearing many leaflets. When they drop, the plant is left a mere spiky stick. Aralia throughout the year is shown in this post.

Maple exploring a pink palette.

And finally, the other reason for having blueberry bushes in your garden.


Karen said...

Nice colors, especially the Liquidambar (not sure why, but in my plant brain/books it's spelled with a final A instead of E). My folks have a smallish one and it's always stupendously gorgeous. Does the one you saw have those spiky fruits? I guess only the gal trees do.

Hugh Griffith said...

Re the spelling--both turn up online, but I checked my books and I believe you're right, it should be AR.

I didn't notice fruits on this one. I'll check again next time I pass it.

Vasha said...

Speaking of backgrounds, do you have a larger, higher-resolution version of that first picture that I could set as my desktop?

Hugh Griffith said...

Vasha, I put a large version on my flickr account--in the garden pics set. There's a link in the sidebar.